Clash of Clans still ruling the mind of the young gamers

It is not a new game for the young gamers but still very much excited about Clash of Clans (COC). The strategy game has come up in 2012 and since then it is an asset for the users of Android and iOS. The game is basically to build and expand a village. Create more powerful warriors who will protect the village from the enemy. At the same time, the gamer needs to chalk out plans to make raids on the nearby villages. For a long time, the game is holding a high status in the prestigious Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Hence the gamers know a lot about Clash of Clans Hack. Always watch the time, sensibly spend or save gems are very common tips applicable for any game. Let us share some more interesting tip which would enable the gamer to get hold of the COC.

Divide your various resources into departments

It is a normal practice in common that everybody distributes their resources in various ways. So is the case with Clash of Clans cheats apk. The gamer should never keep all resources in a single way. All the possible departments must be checked as the condition of the game. Then the gamer should divide his resources into multiple departments. The gamer should always look into the ways that can be applied to increase the various gold and elixir collectors. If the resources are properly distributed then even in case of some pillage by another clan gamer would not lose all his wealth. The effectiveness of this strategy can be realized in the long run. As per many gamers, this is one of the most important strategies of any gamer.

You cannot allow yourself to watch enemy’s attack

This is a game of war. So it is not possible that you will move freely. The enemies will always find a way to attack your village. Sometimes you may face a severe attack from the enemy when you are little away from your ground. Whatever the case but you should be enough prepared to make an attack on your enemy. Your village may have been attacked by many people when you are not there in your village. In Clash of Clans Hack, you should be aware who have attacked your village. Never hesitate to take revenge on the enemy. Before attacking enemy’s village chalk out a proper plan. Locate enemy’s Town Hall and the areas where they store their resources. Order your soldiers how to attack the enemy.

Sometimes inactive players are very handy

One of the very interesting strategies of the gamers is to look out for the inactive players of the game. This is not an easy task for any gamers and only some experts can only trace out inactive players with patience. But once you can locate one such inactive player you might access a huge collection of elixir and gold. In addition to this search out such villages which is not associated with any League Assignment. These villages are very vulnerable and hence you can make an attack without many counter attacks by them.

Beginners guide to Guns of Boom game

Shooting games are a favourite to the majority of gamers. The feeling of going ‘boom’ ’boom’ boom’ (shooting villains) is such a huge fascination among the lot. Among the many video games that we are entitled to play, the Guns of Boom game has captured quite the attention. So much so, that both adults and kids alike prefer playing the game at least once a day. Which is why, if you are a beginner and looking for a good shooting game, then the Guns of Boom it is.

Introduction to the Guns of Boom game:

The Guns of Boom is an online, multiplayer, first-person shooting game. It was developed and published by Game Insight that can be played on iOS, Kindle, and Android.

The gameplay:

The gameplay is quite simple, as already suggested by the games title. The Guns of Boom game is an online, team-based game (multiplayer). Here you will be able to shoot directly, with the virtual aim of the gun on your screen (first person shooter). That is, a player will be experiencing the game through his own eye’s perspective.

Players in this game are ranked based on their level. The highest level in the game is 50. A player can reach level 50 by gaining more experiences through points obtained from participating in battles and levelling up after each win. Also, there are various trophies that can be won and lost through the battle, participated by multiple players from across the globe.

Multi-player game mode:

The players in the game are divided into two teams each, with four players in each team. The gameplay consists of 5 minutes of game time. The team that finishes with the highest points per game are adjudged the winners. The topping of the cake to the multi-player game mode is that when your opposition player is killed in the game or any other player is killed, their weapons can be owned by the remaining players. Therefore, it makes killing the enemy more fun and livelier.

Now, there are many beginners who prefer cheats or the guns of boom hack to begin the game with, initially. However, we would suggest that even though there are plenty of Guns of Boom cheats available, you should refrain from using them. Play the game as it is, learn the hooks and crooks of it and emerge a winner based on your own learned skills. For, depending on cheats and hacks will make any game boring. Play It real.

Latest tricks to play the game 8 Ball Pool Hack

The game 8 ball pool hacks can be played with little intelligence. There are various tips and tricks that the developers have published for the convenience of the players. If the player is out of coins then there is a facility that can make you borrow the coins from your friends. You can also buy some coins to progress much faster to the upper and higher tiers with easy and simple steps. The players must know that higher tires give many numbers of XP’s. Even players can practice the game offline, even when there is no internet connection. Players can use the spin feature very often for controlling the action of the cue balls after every hit.

Know the tips to play 8 ball pool hacks

Now for players, it is simply very easy to buy the pool cash all the time you go for leveling up. Even the tournaments that you play have specific shot time and it becomes very easy to understand the total time the match actually takes. Even players can change their position of all the power bars that are present in the setting of 8 ball pool hack. Some of the tips that are important to know are described below.

The player must notice while playing the game that the ball must touch the cushion if no pot is available. Otherwise, the shot will be considered foul.

You can go for adding any player as your friend and at the same time can challenge the other one

Be sure to check the various shot timers while you make each of your moves.

You must try to come at the top of your league when you strive for the better levels in ball pool hack.

The maximum level that you can reach is 150.

If you want you can add some vibration in the game setting that would remind you for the next shot.

To take advantages of the feature of promotion to get some of the latest bonuses and rewards.

You can use the technique of topspin that will surely make the while following each and every ball it hits.

Guide to earn a number of 8 ball pool coins

While you are playing 8 ball pool hacks, you must make it sure that you keep on sticking with all your competitors all around the globe. The game is really very entertaining and this will help you gobble up lots of time. The game also helps you to redeem yourself after crushing a huge loss. All the mechanisms and the added features help you to earn a number of coins with much better cues and also make you play at a high-stakes table. This is the perfect game for earning a lot of coins. if you are a mere beginner then these basic tips would surely help you to play in a better way and earn cash instantly with easy and simple steps.

Why Battleground games Garena Free Fire holds high rank?

Perhaps no one would be able to list down all the battling games. But there is no doubt that the number is quite high. Very often one or the other developers are bringing out exciting battleground games. To maintain a high rank among these is a tough task for the developers. Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds is one of the most exciting and mindblowing mobile games. The game is basically the survival of the player against other fighters. Previously it was simply Free Fire Battlegrounds. Now a name is added to this outstanding fighting game. People all over the world are looking forwards the Free Fire Battlegrounds Hack to create a high rank for themselves.

A very high demand for Garena is created for its magnificent features

There must be some specific reasons for which the game Garena Free Fire is loved by all. There have to be some special notches for which on Google Play Store the game was downloaded more than 10 million times. Let us see these features.

The game can be played in solo or squad mode. So a gamer can enjoy playing with the group. At the same time when one cannot form a squad, the individual can take pleasure in playing it alone.

50 players from all around the globe join in the combat.

The battle starts within few minutes of joining in.

The only purpose of the game is to survive while defending and attacking the opponents.

Terrific and excellent gameplay.

Amazing and spectacular graphics holding back the players for long durations.

All the controls of the game are very smooth and easy to maintain.

Regular and continuous updates have given the scope to the players the freshness of the game.

All the players will land in the ground and just tap the eject button will help you to open up your parachute.

The very next step is grabbing some of the useful weapons and the other useful items.

Though you will have no such weapons at the starting of the game with the passage of time, your bag will get filled with many weapons that are quite useful.

You can also find all these items inside the building that have been constructed

Know about the different zones in the game Garena Free Fire Battleground

Know your positions while playing the game. While at the top of the screen you will be notified with messages continuously. There are different zones in the game like the danger zone, safe zone. The player will feel that the starting of the game is quite soothing and one can explore many opportunities. But just after few minutes the game the player understands all about the other explorations. The players can gather the required weapons and the much required medical kit. While you are at the top of the corner of the game you can easily go for tapping. By this method you can, you can check your exact location. You will notice that your zone will soon shrink with the passing of each minute. But for the survival, you cannot avoid going there. You need to be very alert to see whether you have the danger zone or not. If so then you should try your best to get out of the danger zone.

The game is an excellent means to understand how our brave soldiers take a risk by going into the enemy’s den. In such situation either they fight alone or with their fellow soldiers. Garena Free Fire Battleground matches such conditions and enriches your idea about the real life battlegrounds.

Tips on the clan chest in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is quite similar to Clash of Clans as the developer is same. Here in this game, there will be two teams having three towers. They will have to destroy each others towers within the stipulated time of 3 minutes. If they fail to destroy then they will get an additional 1minute extension. But to participate properly in this game you will need to have a strong Troops by investing various resources. Once your troop is ready to fight the battle you can opt for the chest. So here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the quick tips for clan chest.

Tips on clan chest

Managing the clan: In order to run a troop, you will have to face a lot of hurdles. So when you will participate in the clan chest you will discover new ways to recruit your troop. If you buy the troops which are of no use just like the dead weight then it will make you lose the game. As crown production is very much vital in this game so you will have to select or create a troop that will be very much active so that it can easily create near about 1,600 crowns for reaching the chest tier level 10 and you will have to do this within 3 days. If you can create a group with best 50 members in it can easily produce 30 crowns each day. Alternatively, you could just use a clash royale hack gems to get your needed crowns.

Simple route: Gaining of trophies is quite difficult because for that you will have to complete some levels. Here you will see that you have to drop some trophies in order to compete with clans that have low trophy count. If you compete with a clan that has high trophies like yours then they will be a tough fight and chances of losing is high. So always target of the weak clan and win over them.

Secret handshake: You can use a new protocol that is generally a signal in order to make the fellow clashers know that the king is in a rough stuff. So keep the offensive spells and when the battle starts to use them for damaging the main tower. There will be many opponents who will be very much smart so it is recommended to use the arrows with the lightning or rocket.

How to defeat the opponent easily

Use both the ground and aerial troops. The ground troops won’t be able to attack the aerial troops so that you can destroy the opponent’s tower from above.

As you won’t be able to control the movement of your troops so it is recommended to select the troop that is very much faster in order to make them break the side towers quickly and proceed to the middle one.

As there will be a timer and if you see that you are losing the game it is a high time that you should deploy all your troops.

You can always use freeze spell at the last moment if you are losing the game. It will make the opponent freeze for a certain time. And it will give you the opportunity to break the middle Tower. You will have to keep upgrading the freeze spell in order to make the power last long.

Here the game is not just dependent on attacking but is also dependent on defending. While you will be breaking their towers, their troops will also be stopping you from doing that. So make sure your army has a strong damage controlling power.

Follow this guide completely in order to understand the clan chest properly and win it. But in the beginning, you will need to know the characteristics of each troop and their skills. Spells also have a very important place in this game so make sure you are buying the best spell and keeping it upgraded.


Hay Day Cheats for Unlimited Supply of Diamond and Coins

Are you looking for a way to get more free coins and diamonds in the game of Hay Day? Are you tired of waiting for the game to produce the resources for you? Then, you have come to the right place because we have got the right solution for you. Hay Day cheats the thing that you need to win the game. But if, you have no idea what it is or how to use it, don’t worry because all your questions are being answered in the write-up below. Just go through it, and you will know what to do and how to do.

How To Use The Hay Day Cheats Tool?

The Hay Day cheats very easy to use so if you had this notion in your head that it requires some special skill to handle it then, you were very wrong. The cheat tool is designed in a way that even a kid could use it without facing any complication. Just follow the steps outlined below, and you will be all set to use it.

The first thing that you need to do is go to a Hay Day cheats tool site so, that you can get access to free coins and diamonds in the game.

Now enter your in-game username in the cheat tool.

Next, enter the amount of diamond and coins that you need in the game and wait for the cheat tool to process it.

Once the processing is done, you will get your required amount of diamond and coins in the game.

Thus, you can see that how easy it is to use the Hay Day cheat tool.

Reasons to Use Hay Day Cheats from thatgamehack

If you are a true player then, obviously your main goal is to conquer the game. And unless you achieve your goal, you will not be at peace. Now to do so, you need some external help which you will get from the Hay Day cheat tool. With the Hay Day cheat tool, you can get access to an unlimited amount of coins and diamonds in the game. If that does not reason enough for you to use the cheat tool then, here you go with more points:

With the help of the hay Day cheat tool, you can get an unlimited amount of diamonds and coins in the game and therefore, it will be easier for you to finish and win the game.

The Hay Day cheat tool is available online so, there is no need for you to download and install it on your device. Thus, you can say that it saves space on your device as well.

The Hay Day cheat tool is available for free which means you can use it anytime you want without having to pay a single penny for it.

You can use the Hay Day cheat tool as many times as you want. There is no restriction on the number of times that you can use it.

The developers of the Hay Day cheat tool have taken all the precautions to make it safe to use. That’s because many of these cheat tools that are available online are fraud, and they can get your account banned. But, that’s not the same with the Hay Day cheat tool because it’s very safe to use.

The cheat tool is also very easy to use so; anybody can use it.

The cheat tool is very fast so; you don’t have to wait for long to get your free diamonds and coins.

The game becomes more enjoyable as you will never have to worry about running short of resources in the game again.

So, you can see that the Hay Day Cheat tool has a lot of plus points and which is why you should use it.

Thus, it can be concluded that if you wish to win the game, then you need the help of the Hay Day cheat tool. After all, it’s your ultimate option or source of getting a free supply of diamonds and coins in the game.

Unique Korean Cell Phone Guide to Green Smartphones

You’ve heard of the HTC Touch Slide, the Apple iPhone, and even the Instinct smartphone. Even smart phone manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) is set to announce a touchscreen version of its popular Blackberry smartphone called the Blackberry Storm. But what if you had a unique cell phone that combined all of the technological features of these trendsetting smartphones and cellphones and placed it in a cutting-edge, wooden cellphone body?
In this cell phone and technology article, we’ll highlight a unique Korean cell phone that cell phone and computer critics are saying could “quite possibly be the greenest cellphone concept ever thought up by a designer to date” (source).

Greenest Cell Phone Concept: Green Wood Smartphone

Many features have been modified, added and updated to a cell phone but its body is all the same, made of plastic products. Currently these two Korean inventors Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee have thought of a new invention called a “The Maple Phone”. This is just another unique, innovative, and funny invention that transforms the outer of a cell phone into a wooden one. This is the first, one of its kind inventions in cell phones taking the fact that we need not follow the same trend of using plastic products for cell phones. Changing a technology, not to mention the most popular product right now, back to history is something weird and funny, definitely. I wonder what the intentions of these Korean inventors are. That’s why this new discovery deserves a title of another wacky, funny invention.

Not so apart from today’s cell phone features, this wooden phone also has a touch sensitive keypad and a camera. Of course the main purpose of calling and sending message will not get away in this wooden phone. Some different materials might be use for this kind of cell phone for the touchpad to work on wooden body. I wonder if this funny invention of Yoon and Lee is also user-friendly like the cell phones we have been used to.

Unfortunately, the new wooden phone does not look that attractive thinking it’s made of wood. Therefore there is uncertainty of how many might be interested of buying this product. Plus it looks twice more heavy than the traditional cell phone made of plastic. As for now, it still looks like a block of wood with numbers in front and stickers attached. But there will be more details to see after this funny invention is launch.

From an environmental viewpoint, this Maple Phone is of great purpose, since it is made out of wood which is a natural source and completely renewable. It is safe and rest assured no toxic can be harm anyone from this new wooden phone compared to the plastic cell phones we have. If this product will hit the town, perhaps this will give way for other future wooden products like wooden laptops, wooden MP3 players, wooden televisions and all the other technology to be considered as another funny invention. Nonetheless it would be great to try one of these inventions in the future and weigh its huge difference from the conventional plastic cell phone.

A Review on O2 XDA Stealth Smartphone

I consider O2 as one of the leaders in the Pocket PC market. I have been an avid supporter of O2 smartphones for quite sometime now. I got my hands recently on an O2 XDA Stealth model and I can say that it’s a wonderful phone! It has everything I need and furthermore I love the keypad that is hidden underneath the phone. All you need is to slide the phone up to reveal the keypad.
Of course with quality comes the price. O2 is one of the pricier brands for smartphones out there. Nevertheless, I felt that my money is well spent on the phone.

I bought the black O2 XDA Stealth and I just have one word to say – it’s classy! The overall black color casing gives it an elegant look. Also, the O2 is pretty small for its category. Here are the dimensions of the phone:

Height: 110mm
Width: 53mm
Thickness: 22.5mm

For a PDA, it’s pretty small. Furthermore it has a keypad underneath which didn’t further increase the phone’s size.

For a smartphone this size, it comes with a 2.4 inch LCD screen with 65K color. I find it easy to read messages and to do some text documents with the phone. However, in my own opinion, I think people with larger hands might not really appreciate this phone fully. Some might even squint their eyes to read from the screen.

To make calls on the XDA Stealth, all you need to do is to slide the phone up. Just dial the number and your call would be made. If you are lazy to even key in the phone number or search for a name in the phonebook, simply use the voice dialing. Hold the volume control button and dial a number of your choice.

However, I find it rather disturbing with the phone’s battery life. With regular usage, messaging and making some calls, the battery couldn’t even last a full day. I had to recharge it at least twice a day after normal usage. The phone comes with a 1,300mAh Li-Ion battery which is supposed to delivery good battery life. I think that the components in the phone itself use a lot of electricity. Maybe O2 should give a serious thought in improving the battery life.

As a smartphone or Pocket PC, the XDA Stealth comes preloaded with Windows Mobile 5.0. I find it easy to use as I had an older smartphone in the past. The Windows Mobile is pretty standardized and I don’t even need to read the manual to start using the phone.

As a conclusion, I love using the O2 XDA Stealth phone for my daily usage. I could access the WiFi hotspots and this always come in handy each time I’m having my usual coffee fix down at Coffee Bean. However, what I really didn’t like about this smartphone is the battery life! The phone couldn’t even last a day with average usage.

Hope this review helps.

Overview of the game Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular game, and it is a no doubt an addictive game. Here you will have to deal with the gems, gold, chest, spells, troops, etc but most importantly the main motive of this game is to destroy the tower of your opponent. You will be getting three Towers, and you will have to save them and opponent will try to destroy them. The moment you destroy the towers of the opponent, you will win the game, but the main thing is that you will be controlled by the timer. If both teams cannot destroy the tower in 3 minutes, then they will get an extended time of 1 minute so while starting this game you need to know about the basic features of this games to play this game effectively.

Features of this game

For playing this game properly, you will have to gather the maximum number of gems because gems can help you to unlock the new chest and for training the troops because you have to keep leveling up this game and upgrading everything. There are many tools which are available that can help you in getting some extra free gems because collecting gems in this game is a very hard thing.

You will have to keep participating in the chest as you will get some gems after the completion of each chest so always look up for this.

Gold is also an important currency in this game. You can exchange the gems, and in return, you will be getting some gold, but it would be a wise idea if you want to spend some of these gems in getting the coins.

When you are about to play the card you can use the elixir as it is one of the valuable resources of this game. So with the gold and gems, you will also have to gather some elixirs.

You will have to drop some trophies in this game for getting some extra crowns because for every trophy you drop you will be benefited with crowns.

Here there will be three Towers, and you will have to destroy the middle one for destroying the opponent. The movements of the troops cannot be controlled by you so you will have to destroy the middle Tower quickly for winning the game.

With the leveling up of this game, you will be getting the freezing spell and the rage spell. The freeze spell can help you to freeze everything, and it can be used for winning the game in the last moment like a surprise victory as it will freeze all the opponents and the rage spell will help you to move quickly and cause more destruction. So if you drop any giant with the rage spell, then it can easily help you to win this game.

You can also use some tools for getting more resources, and you won’t have to worry as your account won‘t be banned for using them. But use them properly and do not provide any personal details on this website of the tools for the Clash Royale cheats no human verification.

Know everything about Mobile Legends Hack

Playing experience of 5v5 MOBA game can never be the same again if you use Mobile Legends Hack. By using this hacking tool, you will not need to waste real money on diamonds. You can use as many battle points as well as diamonds as you want. Once you get passionate for playing this game, you will require more battle points or diamonds to purchase all the items or heroes. Unluckily, you have to buy new diamond sets in this game. You need to pay real cash for every pack to unlock. Luckily, this Mobile Legends Hack will help you to produce unlimited battle points and diamonds.

This hacking or cheats includes some safety attributes that assure it is 100 % bug-free. This tool was also established by hack generator group to be 100% performing with IOS devices or any android devices even without root or jailbreak. Follow some mentioned below instructions how to use this hacking tool.

Attributes of Mobile Legends Hack

User-friendly and hassle-free interface

Generates unlimited diamonds and battle points (BR)

100% safe ( Malware/viruses/Trojans) or with anti-ban system involves

Fully supporting for both android or IOS and do not need to root/jailbreak your device

Easy steps by steps on how can you use Mobile Legends Hack

Download this game on your device from Google play or iTunes

Press the online Mobile Legends Hack tool generator button

Choose your platform. You can select from android or IOS

Insert the number of diamonds or battle points, and then hit it off the start cheats button

Enjoy your endless resources and purchase all those skins and heroes

Mobile legends tricks and tips-

Farm much– in the first benchmark of this game you have to concentrate on farming. Farming can help you to collect gold and obtain the equipment or items you need. You no need to concentrate on destroying your enemy unless it is needed.

Check the map– if you are farming, you require to inspect the map so that you can avoid your enemy from destroying you. By inspecting the map, you can see what your group is doing, and you may see strategies on your next shift.

Don’t play alone– you should always look for your teammates. You cannot destroy them all until you are on godlike sort.

Never take a risk– you should always inspect first your HP before reaching for the slash or reaching for destroying. Always keep in mind; you should never take a risk only for killing one opponent.

If you use such tips and tricks after using Mobile Legends cheats you can definitely defeat your opponent. By using a hacking tool, you can buy different tremendous or effective equipment to kill your opponents. Also, the diamonds, as well as battle points, help you to pass the level and save your life. Not only these, if you nicely play this game, you also get bonuses or rewards almost every month.

Today, go to the online site where you will find Mobile Legends Hack tool through which you can win this game with highest battle points.