Beginners guide to Guns of Boom game

Shooting games are a favourite to the majority of gamers. The feeling of going ‘boom’ ’boom’ boom’ (shooting villains) is such a huge fascination among the lot. Among the many video games that we are entitled to play, the Guns of Boom game has captured quite the attention. So much so, that both adults and kids alike prefer playing the game at least once a day. Which is why, if you are a beginner and looking for a good shooting game, then the Guns of Boom it is.

Introduction to the Guns of Boom game:

The Guns of Boom is an online, multiplayer, first-person shooting game. It was developed and published by Game Insight that can be played on iOS, Kindle, and Android.

The gameplay:

The gameplay is quite simple, as already suggested by the games title. The Guns of Boom game is an online, team-based game (multiplayer). Here you will be able to shoot directly, with the virtual aim of the gun on your screen (first person shooter). That is, a player will be experiencing the game through his own eye’s perspective.

Players in this game are ranked based on their level. The highest level in the game is 50. A player can reach level 50 by gaining more experiences through points obtained from participating in battles and levelling up after each win. Also, there are various trophies that can be won and lost through the battle, participated by multiple players from across the globe.

Multi-player game mode:

The players in the game are divided into two teams each, with four players in each team. The gameplay consists of 5 minutes of game time. The team that finishes with the highest points per game are adjudged the winners. The topping of the cake to the multi-player game mode is that when your opposition player is killed in the game or any other player is killed, their weapons can be owned by the remaining players. Therefore, it makes killing the enemy more fun and livelier.

Now, there are many beginners who prefer cheats or the guns of boom hack to begin the game with, initially. However, we would suggest that even though there are plenty of Guns of Boom cheats available, you should refrain from using them. Play the game as it is, learn the hooks and crooks of it and emerge a winner based on your own learned skills. For, depending on cheats and hacks will make any game boring. Play It real.

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