Picking Important Targets as a Clash of Clans Hack

As far as mobile freemium games go, Clash of Clans is one of the most versatile and strategic in its game play. Designed for the mobile platform, it is a free game which can be upgraded to premium for a price to get more features out of the game. The level of interactivity combined with the greatly fantasy world, Clash of Clans really does have that extra wow factor that pulls in even the most casual of player into the intensity of the game for extended game play lasting hours.

There are many points of focus in the game, but strategy is of course the main focal point that makes this game unique. As compared to idle game play, strategic game play can make the game vastly more interesting and versatile by utilization long term strategies and carefully mapped out planning that reduces the effort you use for advancing in the game and helps you level up much easier and faster.

Now, it is no secret many gamers avidly dislike the use of Clash of Clans hack and advise against using them to keep the game playing experience “pure” and more true to the original intentions of the game. They of course believe this because they think that hacks cannot be used in an enjoyable and productive way. But those who play games with hacks know that line of thinking is not true at all. Using Clash of Clans hack apk can actually make your gaming experience more fruitful and full of knowledge that is a normal part of every gameplay’s learning curve.

Pay Attention to Your Advantages

A targeting Clash of Clans hack is all about the thought process and paying attention to your advantage. So, in a clan war you are supposed to choose which opponents to drop your troops on to take them out and defend yourself. It is important during this stage, to remember to check the town hall level of the enemy troops before dropping your own troops on them all willy nilly. If the enemy troops town hall level is much lower than yours, then you you’re going to be getting a very small share of the spoils for all your efforts.

For this Clash of Clans hack you have to keep a close eye on exactly how many resources you’re enemies have available for you to plunder and pillage. The least advantage you should have in a war is to be able to earn back all the resources you spend on your troops if you want to play smartly.  Mastering this Clash of Clans hack requires just some practice and careful planning. Just be mindful of what troops to deploy for battle.

If gaining resources from the enemy is your singular goal, then consider sending in goblins instead of valuable troops. Just keep in mind that you have no direct control on your troops so using strategy to deploy them mindfully and choosing your targets carefully is the most optimum way to win with a Clash of Clans hack.