Clash of Clans still ruling the mind of the young gamers

It is not a new game for the young gamers but still very much excited about Clash of Clans (COC). The strategy game has come up in 2012 and since then it is an asset for the users of Android and iOS. The game is basically to build and expand a village. Create more powerful warriors who will protect the village from the enemy. At the same time, the gamer needs to chalk out plans to make raids on the nearby villages. For a long time, the game is holding a high status in the prestigious Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Hence the gamers know a lot about Clash of Clans Hack. Always watch the time, sensibly spend or save gems are very common tips applicable for any game. Let us share some more interesting tip which would enable the gamer to get hold of the COC.

Divide your various resources into departments

It is a normal practice in common that everybody distributes their resources in various ways. So is the case with Clash of Clans cheats apk. The gamer should never keep all resources in a single way. All the possible departments must be checked as the condition of the game. Then the gamer should divide his resources into multiple departments. The gamer should always look into the ways that can be applied to increase the various gold and elixir collectors. If the resources are properly distributed then even in case of some pillage by another clan gamer would not lose all his wealth. The effectiveness of this strategy can be realized in the long run. As per many gamers, this is one of the most important strategies of any gamer.

You cannot allow yourself to watch enemy’s attack

This is a game of war. So it is not possible that you will move freely. The enemies will always find a way to attack your village. Sometimes you may face a severe attack from the enemy when you are little away from your ground. Whatever the case but you should be enough prepared to make an attack on your enemy. Your village may have been attacked by many people when you are not there in your village. In Clash of Clans Hack, you should be aware who have attacked your village. Never hesitate to take revenge on the enemy. Before attacking enemy’s village chalk out a proper plan. Locate enemy’s Town Hall and the areas where they store their resources. Order your soldiers how to attack the enemy.

Sometimes inactive players are very handy

One of the very interesting strategies of the gamers is to look out for the inactive players of the game. This is not an easy task for any gamers and only some experts can only trace out inactive players with patience. But once you can locate one such inactive player you might access a huge collection of elixir and gold. In addition to this search out such villages which is not associated with any League Assignment. These villages are very vulnerable and hence you can make an attack without many counter attacks by them.

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