Overview of the game Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular game, and it is a no doubt an addictive game. Here you will have to deal with the gems, gold, chest, spells, troops, etc but most importantly the main motive of this game is to destroy the tower of your opponent. You will be getting three Towers, and you will have to save them and opponent will try to destroy them. The moment you destroy the towers of the opponent, you will win the game, but the main thing is that you will be controlled by the timer. If both teams cannot destroy the tower in 3 minutes, then they will get an extended time of 1 minute so while starting this game you need to know about the basic features of this games to play this game effectively.

Features of this game

For playing this game properly, you will have to gather the maximum number of gems because gems can help you to unlock the new chest and for training the troops because you have to keep leveling up this game and upgrading everything. There are many tools which are available that can help you in getting some extra free gems because collecting gems in this game is a very hard thing.

You will have to keep participating in the chest as you will get some gems after the completion of each chest so always look up for this.

Gold is also an important currency in this game. You can exchange the gems, and in return, you will be getting some gold, but it would be a wise idea if you want to spend some of these gems in getting the coins.

When you are about to play the card you can use the elixir as it is one of the valuable resources of this game. So with the gold and gems, you will also have to gather some elixirs.

You will have to drop some trophies in this game for getting some extra crowns because for every trophy you drop you will be benefited with crowns.

Here there will be three Towers, and you will have to destroy the middle one for destroying the opponent. The movements of the troops cannot be controlled by you so you will have to destroy the middle Tower quickly for winning the game.

With the leveling up of this game, you will be getting the freezing spell and the rage spell. The freeze spell can help you to freeze everything, and it can be used forĀ winning the game in the last moment like a surprise victory as it will freeze all the opponents and the rage spell will help you to move quickly and cause more destruction. So if you drop any giant with the rage spell, then it can easily help you to win this game.

You can also use some tools for getting more resources, and you won’t have to worry as your account won‘t be banned for using them. But use them properly and do not provide any personal details on this website of the tools for the Clash Royale cheats no human verification.

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