Tips on the clan chest in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is quite similar to Clash of Clans as the developer is same. Here in this game, there will be two teams having three towers. They will have to destroy each others towers within the stipulated time of 3 minutes. If they fail to destroy then they will get an additional 1minute extension. But to participate properly in this game you will need to have a strong Troops by investing various resources. Once your troop is ready to fight the battle you can opt for the chest. So here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the quick tips for clan chest.

Tips on clan chest

Managing the clan: In order to run a troop, you will have to face a lot of hurdles. So when you will participate in the clan chest you will discover new ways to recruit your troop. If you buy the troops which are of no use just like the dead weight then it will make you lose the game. As crown production is very much vital in this game so you will have to select or create a troop that will be very much active so that it can easily create near about 1,600 crowns for reaching the chest tier level 10 and you will have to do this within 3 days. If you can create a group with best 50 members in it can easily produce 30 crowns each day. Alternatively, you could just use a clash royale hack gems to get your needed crowns.

Simple route: Gaining of trophies is quite difficult because for that you will have to complete some levels. Here you will see that you have to drop some trophies in order to compete with clans that have low trophy count. If you compete with a clan that has high trophies like yours then they will be a tough fight and chances of losing is high. So always target of the weak clan and win over them.

Secret handshake: You can use a new protocol that is generally a signal in order to make the fellow clashers know that the king is in a rough stuff. So keep the offensive spells and when the battle starts to use them for damaging the main tower. There will be many opponents who will be very much smart so it is recommended to use the arrows with the lightning or rocket.

How to defeat the opponent easily

Use both the ground and aerial troops. The ground troops won’t be able to attack the aerial troops so that you can destroy the opponent’s tower from above.

As you won’t be able to control the movement of your troops so it is recommended to select the troop that is very much faster in order to make them break the side towers quickly and proceed to the middle one.

As there will be a timer and if you see that you are losing the game it is a high time that you should deploy all your troops.

You can always use freeze spell at the last moment if you are losing the game. It will make the opponent freeze for a certain time. And it will give you the opportunity to break the middle Tower. You will have to keep upgrading the freeze spell in order to make the power last long.

Here the game is not just dependent on attacking but is also dependent on defending. While you will be breaking their towers, their troops will also be stopping you from doing that. So make sure your army has a strong damage controlling power.

Follow this guide completely in order to understand the clan chest properly and win it. But in the beginning, you will need to know the characteristics of each troop and their skills. Spells also have a very important place in this game so make sure you are buying the best spell and keeping it upgraded.


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