Unique Korean Cell Phone Guide to Green Smartphones

You’ve heard of the HTC Touch Slide, the Apple iPhone, and even the Instinct smartphone. Even smart phone manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) is set to announce a touchscreen version of its popular Blackberry smartphone called the Blackberry Storm. But what if you had a unique cell phone that combined all of the technological features of these trendsetting smartphones and cellphones and placed it in a cutting-edge, wooden cellphone body?
In this cell phone and technology article, we’ll highlight a unique Korean cell phone that cell phone and computer critics are saying could “quite possibly be the greenest cellphone concept ever thought up by a designer to date” (source).

Greenest Cell Phone Concept: Green Wood Smartphone

Many features have been modified, added and updated to a cell phone but its body is all the same, made of plastic products. Currently these two Korean inventors Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee have thought of a new invention called a “The Maple Phone”. This is just another unique, innovative, and funny invention that transforms the outer of a cell phone into a wooden one. This is the first, one of its kind inventions in cell phones taking the fact that we need not follow the same trend of using plastic products for cell phones. Changing a technology, not to mention the most popular product right now, back to history is something weird and funny, definitely. I wonder what the intentions of these Korean inventors are. That’s why this new discovery deserves a title of another wacky, funny invention.

Not so apart from today’s cell phone features, this wooden phone also has a touch sensitive keypad and a camera. Of course the main purpose of calling and sending message will not get away in this wooden phone. Some different materials might be use for this kind of cell phone for the touchpad to work on wooden body. I wonder if this funny invention of Yoon and Lee is also user-friendly like the cell phones we have been used to.

Unfortunately, the new wooden phone does not look that attractive thinking it’s made of wood. Therefore there is uncertainty of how many might be interested of buying this product. Plus it looks twice more heavy than the traditional cell phone made of plastic. As for now, it still looks like a block of wood with numbers in front and stickers attached. But there will be more details to see after this funny invention is launch.

From an environmental viewpoint, this Maple Phone is of great purpose, since it is made out of wood which is a natural source and completely renewable. It is safe and rest assured no toxic can be harm anyone from this new wooden phone compared to the plastic cell phones we have. If this product will hit the town, perhaps this will give way for other future wooden products like wooden laptops, wooden MP3 players, wooden televisions and all the other technology to be considered as another funny invention. Nonetheless it would be great to try one of these inventions in the future and weigh its huge difference from the conventional plastic cell phone.

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